The return of Izzy

I always wonder why I think it’s a good idea to get up at 6:15 am to go ride my bike. I signed up for a beginner’s group ride about a month ago, thinking by November, I may want to ride again. The date quickly arrived and I met the group early Sunday morning at the Golden Gate Bridge. The temperature was in the 50’s and for an odd reason, it felt hot to me. I left wearing a light jacket, arm warmers and shorts.

It was a tough 50 miles for someone who is out of shape. There were steep climbs, the kind of climbs were you say to yourself, really? Really, I have to climb that? There were beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. I would have taken photos if it weren’t for the fact the group rode faster and harder than I would have liked for a first day back. I was expecting a leisurely ride instead of a group of weekend warriors. Is this what I’ve become? No longer a warrior and only a weekend one?

I wonder what possessed me to go from couch to 50 miles. Why can’t I be like everyone else and ease back into training? It’s crazy, I haven’t done any form of activity in 2 months, unless you count reading and sewing.

Izzy and I were not on the best of terms today. She noted my absence. I had poor control of my turns. My wheels/tires felt slick and I braked hard on the downhills.

When asked what type of riding I do? I try to humbly reply, I have biked across America, coast to coast for charity, twice. It sounds boastful to me, so I like to follow it up with, my first tour, I could have been voted the girl most likely to not make it to Kansas. But, to Kansas I did, and Fargo, North Dakota too.

My tan lines were fading but with one morning ride, they returned.

Photos: at the coffee shop turnaround where I ate a breakfast bagel that was as large as my head.



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