A sunny day in San Francisco

My friend Gail from high school made her first trip to San Francisco to visit me. We had a great sunny day doing tourist activities. I don’t know how many of you, make references to other cities, but we found ourselves comparing New York to San Francisco all day.

Here are some excerpts from today. I live in the Inner Sunset, which is like Brooklyn to me. It feels neighborhood-ish, safe and has lots of space. It feels like I can come home and be away from the busy-ness of downtown. I love living in a house near the Golden Gate Park (which is like Central Park).

We started the day with breakfast in the neighborhood spot, at Art’s Cafe, where you eat at the counter and pay in cash. We took the N-Judah line (which is like the street-train cars in Boston) to the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building is like Grand Central Station, but the shops are all organic and boutique. (Photo: Mushroom seller at the Ferry Building). We then took the historic F street car to Fisherman’s Wharf. The Fisherman’s Wharf is like the South Street Seaport but much better. Pier 39 has seals. A visit to Boudin Bakery, where we were going to tour the bakery, but they were closed to a private party. Sourdough bread to San Francisco is like bagels to New York. You have to try it, better to eat a clam chowder sourdough bread bowl. We passed several high school marching bands parading in the street. The Lumberjacks were the best. All the boys and girls wore skirts. Then to Ghiradelli’s for chocolate, a walk to the Palace of Fine Arts, where we saw 3 wedding parties and a beautiful girl celebrating her Quincentera.

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