Wk 3 – New Strategy Apt. Hunting

In a city population of only 800,000, I can’t believe it is this challenging to find an apartment.  My strategy for week 3 of apartment hunting – rent the entire home and find roommates later.  I submitted my application this morning for an amazing property.  It has everything I want, the entire wish list (even an office room and parking!)  Can you believe it?  I put together a rather large comprehensive packet of personal information (over 20 pages), so hopefully they will pick me.  Other than praying, there’s not much more I think I can do.  Brownies from last week did not generate a reply.   

I attempted to be proactive and optimistic in getting this home, so I started searching for roommates, even though I haven’t been accepted yet.  I posted on one site that reaches 2000 people looking for roommates, and the normal Craigslist ad posting, etc.  I’m happy to say I received a few responses from people who seem like a great match, I dare say, we might even get to be friends.  The process made me laugh a little, being on the flip side now, the person who gets to choose roommates… I can see how a personalized response about why you would match with the house situation/roommates generates a quicker and more positive reply than a generic reply about needing a place to live.  I suppose this can be applied to job searching as well.  

Keep your fingers crossed, and light a candle for me… because this really is the dream.  If I get this apartment, I will never move out unless I am leaving San Francisco, and even then, I might just sublet.  I hope never to go through this process again.  The property, I might add, is massive, large enough for all my friends to visit and stay at the same time.  Now, I won’t need to get rid of those shoes that serve no purpose.  They can sit in a closet until they find a purpose. 


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