Keeping busy

My brother once laughed at me when I told him I needed to write something in my paper calendar so I wouldn’t forget. He asked 1. Why I need a calendar? 2. Why don’t you use your phone?

I am possibly the busiest unemployed person I have ever known. I find it extremely difficult to wait to hear back from potential roommates. The whole situation is tedious. On more than one occasion, I have said, I am willingly to sign a year lease and give you a large sum of money right now and the result is, “we’ll think about it and get back to you.” They actually don’t get back to me. I end up following up with them, and they say, oh, we’ve filled the room. Good luck.

I have decided to not spend the entire day looking online for apartments anymore. It is not a good use of time or energy. Instead, I am going to spend the week volunteering. Next week, I signed up to volunteer at the San Francisco Public Library’s annual fundraiser big book sale, the San Francisco Food Bank, and a couple of one day events – a ride to support the Arthritis Foundation, a walk to support the American Diabetes Association, and a Vegetarian/Vegan food festival. At least the time spent will make me feel productive, and then there’s sewing class. I hope we don’t get homework. I am also considering learning to play the guitar or language lessons.

Photo: One of my favorite murals in San Francisco, the Women’s Building.


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