The day after

If I go back and read my blog posts, the race started for me when I was sitting in Bali, Indonesia in February and signed up for a charity spot for Ironman Canada. I agreed then and there I would be an Ironman Finisher. It is disappointing to put so much effort into a single day after months of preparation to have the outcome not be what you want. In retrospect, we all could have trained more but I know I put in every effort yesterday. I arrived at the start line intact but not at full strength. Someone said, an ironman is just a race about managing injuries. Two and a half weeks ago, I sprained/strained my back, not doing anything out of the ordinary and it was not well enough to carry me thru the day. (I’ll write about the race recap soon.)

Meredith Kessler, a professional triathlete, quoted in an article in regards to two crashes, “I was meant to experience it, to learn from it and make the most of it, in order to prevail.”

Maybe, that’s what I am meant to do. Learn from the experience and overcome. I am spending the next week with my IM support crew/cheer squad – friends and family who flew in for the race. We will explore Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Thank you all for your outpour of support and love. A few less tears today, and hopefully a few less tomorrow.


  1. You are an athlete, Liane! I can’t imagine the pain and angst you went through BUT I have no doubt that you will persevere. You always do. This is no different.
    You’re a star in my book!


  2. We are proud of all your effort. Every adventure, successful or not so, make us who we are. You are GREAT !!!


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