Pack your passion and go

It’s rained for the last few days, leaving me indoors for most of the day. A glimpse of what living in the PacNW looks like. I don’t mind the rain, so long as you are prepared – armed in your awesome fitting trench coat and fire engine red rain boots. I am starting to miss my belongings in storage and look forward to being reunited with clothing and shoes that are not for sport.

In Vancouver, I often passed signs of dog groomers, I want that for me. A full day to be scrubbed from head to toe, haircut, nails, everything. After months of being dirty and sweaty, I want that Pretty Woman/Cinderella moment.

I swam with the Whistler Tri team today and lake conditions were bad. Due to the rain and winds, I felt like I was in a washing machine. Waves were turbulent and hard to swim over. When I got out, someone asked me, you’re a pool swimmer, aren’t you? I suppose so, definitely not a lake swimmer but I hope to make it thru the Ironman. I know hope is not a strategy. I met some other tri club people today who are very fast and obviously well trained. It is such a difference living here, and training every day in these waters, among these mountains. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the locals who post the fastest finishing times.

I am thinking of wearing a costume on the bike and run. Something that won’t interfere, suggestions are welcome.


  1. A bit cliché but you could dress as “Ironman” but its probably bulky. I think “Catwoman” is probably the easiest since you will have a wetsuit on already.


    1. Funny. I don’t quite feel drawn to any of these characters – comic book or super hero. Will have to keep thinking, slightly running out of time to order anything so might have to scrap the idea for another day.

    1. I don’t remember wonder woman very well from the 80’s. not sure I want to represent a character I can’t remember. This is harder than I thought.

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