I want to be Canadian.

I have an aversion to being on buses. I hate taking buses, in any state and most countries. The cost and the short distance bothers me. I enjoy however taking trains. They are fast, go far distances and the price point is typically affordable.

I have been riding my bike around Vancouver and it leads me to the question, how do people commute without getting all sweaty? How can one ride around town and look cute?

Yesterday, the massage therapist thought I was wearing nylons, and I said, no, those are indeed tan lines from biking across the U.S. I spent a good deal of money at the spa, so much that it made me feel like I should have just booked a ticket to Hong Kong to see my friend and go to the comparatively, inexpensive spas there. The deep tissue/sports massage and jacuzzi/steam room helped my back. I am feeling significantly better, and took a full 3 days off this week to heal. My only exercise this week was swimming.

There are great bike paths in Vancouver. When you get to a traffic signal, there is a special cross walk button, for you, as a cyclist to press to change the light. You roll up to it without getting off your bike. Love it!

Photos: with my friend, Cheryl at the Van Deusen Botanical Gardens and passing the Convention Center – the World championship Pokemon match (seriously).









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