Day 50 of 69.

The time has gone by quickly, with each state being memorable. I loved biking thru each of the small towns in lush and green Maine. New Hampshire passed quickly, with a few mountains and beautiful lakes. We loved being hosted by Meg at the Thetford Community in Vermont. I enjoyed riding into Middlebury, one of the most scenic days with a big climb. New York, not as nice as New England, crashed outside of Buffalo. The ride along the lakes from New York to Ohio was scenic. Our rest day in Cleveland was much needed. I loved staying at the Cleveland Hostel. Indiana, Illinois, PA, each community that hosted us was so kind. Matt and Michelle’s in Bowling Green – the best donuts I’ve ever eaten. Loved Orion, IL for the community hospitality. Thanks to Matt and Zac’s family for hosting us along the way. It was great to see friends in these middle states.

I will always remember Iowa for the dramatic weather – rain and flooding. I very much appreciate the churches that hosted us when we needed shelter. The best bike co-op/shop was in Minneapolis, “the Hub”. My favorite hosts were Donn at the Dalbo Bicycle Bunkhouse outside of Minneapolis and the Williams family in Citheral, MN. I could have easily stayed there for a few days.

North Dakota was surprisingly beautiful with rolling terrain. I liked Fargo, a lot. In Napolean, ND, I ate the best pancakes at Reuben’s.

In Montana, the best camp ground has been in Makoshika State Park. Amazing views, wish we could have been there longer. Glacier National Park and the Rockies are in a few days then into the home stretch.

I hope the transition off the bike this year, won’t be as difficult as it was last time. I hope to want to live indoors sooner than later.

Photos: Britt and Josh passed out on the church floor after a 90 mile day. Cool silos with Get Lost Montana sticker.



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