Thank you Williams family

Last night we stayed at the Williams home and it was definitely one of the highlights on the NoTier. It was worth the 200 miles I drove, shuttling the team after an 80 mile day.

The Williams, who do not have any direct association with the team, have hosted and supported us for a few years. They live on the lake and in a beautiful home. They cooked us a great dinner and breakfast. I loved the company and was sad to leave.

I swam in the lake in the morning, assisted by Renee who kayaked along side me, in case a boat wouldn’t see me. I swam less than a mile, then got on the road for a 50 mile day. It was a tiring day, the first time I did a swim-bike practice.

Photos: Williams family and Kristen-Zac entering Burger King for lunch, still with helmets on while they review the menu.



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