Half way home

I had a small panic attack yesterday. Minneapolis represents the half way point for our ride across America but it also represents almost a half way point for my Ironman training. In a month, I’ve logged 900 miles on my bike, 50 miles on my feet (running) and only two swims. Yesterday, I had the best intentions to swim in the University of Minnesota pool but when I arrived, there was an all day swim meet. I haven’t run as much as I should due to the crash near Buffalo, and the necessary time to recover. The same for the swim, I had to wait for the wounds to close before I could swim. I could have had 3 more swim opportunities. I feel good about riding my bike but not necessarily running off it. On the days I run solo, they aren’t bad and I can get the mileage in, but days off the bike are hard.

Time to crank up the training, 5 weeks until Seattle. 8 weeks until Whistler.

I’ve never lost so many things while traveling. This morning, while putting my bike on the car rack, I took off my Garmin and frame bag and set it on the bumper. I am nearly 100% sure I drove off without both items. Super sad. I know I shouldn’t mourn materialistic items but the Garmin was expensive, a gift and I used it all last summer from VA-SF, and now ME-Minneapolis. If there was ever a useful tech tool – that was it.

Photos: view on my run by the Mississippi River, and a part of a poem on the bridge near the sculpture park.





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