Flash floods in Iowa

What is the possibility of being struck by lightning? I knew what I should do, but I did not. When stuck outside in a rain storm, you should seek shelter and be away from the rain. At 2:30 am I stayed inside my tent in the open field, instead finding cover. I contemplated the thought, should I get wet and abandon my tent or go to into the open pavilion? I figured like most storms, it would pass in a short time. I decided if I abandoned my tent, there would be the possibility that it would fly away with everything inside. I had not securely fastened my tent to the ground, battling down the hatches. I only loosely put the steaks in the ground. I know my body weight was mostly holding the tent down in the storm. I now know better to stake the tent down properly each and every time. My home, the tent is only a glorified netting and I wondered about the claim of withstanding 3 seasons. Could it hold against strong wind, rain, thunder, lightning? I miss my 2 person tent which fiercely held its ground. I am not sure about this 3 lbs lightweight. At what point would water seep through either from above or below? Starting tomorrow, I plan to start bringing my rain coat into the tent at night.

I also think of my poor bike, Izzy, how she has been rained on every day. Right now while in my tent contemplating the rain, she is locked on top of the van. Screws and parts are rusting but I don’t think about taking her off the van until morning when we switch drivers. I should probably start taking her off at night so she can stay dry too.

Aside from one hour awake, I went back to sleep and woke up at 6, with the rain and wind as strong as it was thru the night.

At 7 am, our group was looking less than spectacular having spent most of the night with wet sleeping bags. Two people slept in the trailer, one on the picnic table, everyone else roughed it in their tents. In the morning, there were flash flood warnings in effect in the direction in which we ride, thunder and lightning right next to us, towns all around were flooding. We decided to abandon camp and be rescued by Zac’s aunt. She lives relatively nearby and we thought it would be a good place to stay dry and wait out the thunder and lightning.

By morning, my tent had absorbed an inch of water inside. It definitely was not made to withstand a heavy downpour.

We rode on with a late start at 11:00 am for a 90 mile day. We rerouted folks for shorter mileage, found an alternate campsite – a church to sleep to keep everyone warm and dry while our tents dry out and Brit went to the Laundromat to dry everyone’s sleeping bags. It was a crazy weather day but everyone made it to camp safely.


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