TransAm mini reunion

This type of shower at the town pool was a first for me. You pull a handle down above for water to release. It is the type of handle I have seen in movies, you pull it for the train engine whistle to sound. I think it might have been well water because each time I pulled the handle, the water would get colder. Effective way to save water and shower time.

Photo at the only town cafe – we are closed due to the flu. Flu is spelled incorrectly. Wind turbines, apparently they fuel for Chicago. Mini reunion TransAm (last summer’s bike ride) – Jennifer biked 45 miles to see us and drove our laundry home for us to wash. she is a superstar. If I should ever have the opportunity to be kind to others in the form of shelter or basic necessities, I hope to be able to share that wealth.




2 responses

  1. Finally catching up on your blogs. Great to see the 2012 gang in the pictures, bummer about the rain, flooding, you becoming friends with railroad tracks and pavement. I cannot wait to see you guys in 21 days. Is my cubby calling for me? Give a shout out to the Northern Tier 2013 for me and see ya soon. Phil

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