I was supposed to ride today but with my recent crash and the heavy rain, my body felt it needs more rest, so I rode in the van as a co-pilot to Cleveland.

Photos – campsite, it rained so much ducks were swimming. Gnomes, at someone else’s campsite. Driving in the rain – photo of the bike lane. In Cleveland, neighborhood shops in Ohio City.

I have stayed in A LOT of hostels in the last year and this one, Cleveland Hostel is by far one of the best I have ever stayed in – worldwide! Yea, Cleveland. Thank you. Tomorrow is a rest day.

Food today on a non riding day, 2 mini bagels with peanut butter, pop tart, squish fruit drink, mocha at McDonald’s drive thru, Veg Mexican burrito, cobb salad without meat, peanut butter crackers, granola bar, iced apple chai, beer sampler, cheese and spinach peroigees. 20130613-230949.jpg20130613-230957.jpg20130613-231015.jpg20130613-231006.jpg









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