Crashed but ok

Buffalo to Lake Erie state park

Road: 1
Liane: 0

I wish I could say I made it past day 15 without injury. Last summer, it was day 15 when I went to the Emergency Room for the dog bite.

Today I learned what it feels like to be hit in the face by pavement. I wrecked hard. Izzy and I are both ok but in need of repair.

I was only 2 miles into our 68 mile day and fell when we were going over railroad tracks. I will never again look at trains or railroads the same way. They were slick and I slid out. The right side of my body, mostly knee, forearm and face have some epic road rash. I am fine and will be ok. It hurt to take a shower and I am sure there will be more pain tomorrow but for now took some pain meds and will go to sleep early in my hammock.

Photos: me and teammates waiting for the calvary to be cleaned up before I could continue on. Some folks asked why didn’t I get in the van and call it a day. Although I had some mechanical failure and some pain, I think there isn’t really a reason to stop. I am here to ride and I am not going to stop just because it’s hard.





  1. Are you ok?? I did a face plant several weeks ago and still haven’t fully recovered. Be careful!!!! Xoxoxo


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