Giving even when it’s not your community

Spencorport to Lockport

Today I did my first brick, a 50 mile bike ride, followed by a 1 mile run. The goal is to make your legs accustomed to the feeling of running off the bike. My legs felt a little dense but it was a short run with good cadence.

At the church where we are camping, I washed my hair with the most high pressurized garden hose I have ever used, it nearly took my eye out. Last year, I was much more concerned with where I slept and how often I showered. Today, it didn’t bother me at all to not shower after a long sweaty day on the bike. I’m not sure when or where the change happened but I find it somewhat amusing.

On the Northern Tier, we are fed more significantly by the community than on the TransAm route. Not only passing thru cities and towns in New England, can I find more vegetarian options but more nights than not, we are hosted to a community dinner. Today I ate 2 small mini bagels with peanut butter, 2 mini chocolate muffins, a squish fruit drink, 2 boxes of soy milk, 1 orange, 1 gel, 1 packet of gummy energy chews, 1 pro meal bar, a quarter of a full size bag of lay’s potato chips, 3 slices of medium sized square cheese pizza, a small side salad, 4 small brownies, 2 slices of pumpkin bread, a banana, and a cup of greek yogurt – mostly in that order.

The Pastor said even though we are not local community, we are a traveling bike community, and it’s important to support a community.

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