Sleeping outside is better than inside

Sodus Point to Spencorport

The longer I spend away from being in a home, the funnier things become.

Yesterday, while washing my water bottles in the sink, the water was not draining. I honestly had no idea what to do. I called a teammate over and she resolved the issue by pressing the garbage disposal button. I cannot remember the last time I have been in a house with such devices.

Today, at the church we were given the option to sleep inside on the floor community room or outside in the yard/parking lot. I opted to sleep in the parking lot for more air circulation. I can’t sleep on the grass because they just mowed the lawn and I am allergic to grass. This will be the first time I have slept in a parking lot.

By the way, I am currently standing outside of Dunkin Donuts picking up their wi-fi signal.

Photos: tan lines after riding 6 days in the rain and tent in parking lot. My teammate said I am getting brown like a bear.





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