Rain rain rain

At the grocery store today, I bought a cupcake print vinyl table cloth for $5, which I think might work as lining for my hammock. If it doesn’t work, perhaps it can work as a tarp above my hammock if it rains?

It rained all day today for the 80 miles the team was cycling. I drove the van today and hung out in it. I thought about going to a coffee shop for wi-fi but there was plenty to do administratively, it didn’t matter where I sat. I wrote thank you cards for our hosts and worked on mileage stops for our next days.

I think this bike road trip is especially difficult on days like today. After all the pedaling in the rain, all you want to do is get home, clean up and crash. Here, when you arrive at camp, you need to set up your tent (in the rain), take a shower in whatever facility is available (sometimes none) then manage to get some calories in. You sleep, sometimes restless and cold, listening to the rain flow down your tent. You wake up and have to put your wet tent back in your cubby, hoping there might be dry conditions the next day. Some people opt to share cabins, cottages or motels rather than camp. To me, the value of sleeping somewhere dry is worth $10, $20 maybe, $30 is too steep. $20 is equal to groceries or two meals out.

With all that said, riding in the rain all day is still better than a day in the office.

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