Day 0 – Bar Harbor, ME

Quotes of the day from orientation:
Fundraising and raising awareness to help others with MS keep moving.
I am so grateful to be here.
Route leaders are available but they are not our bitches.

Day zero was a great day. We had time to walk around the very cute town of Bar Harbor. The town has a main square, several outdoor shops, a supermarket, waterfront, plenty of restaurants, and 2 bike stores.

Most of us spent the morning picking up last minute supplies. For me and many others, we underestimated the chilliness and cold weather of Maine. I packed the same as last summer however, yesterday I wore all my warmest layers around town and it was not enough. Today, I bought windproof tights from North Face, a windproof jacket from Patagonia, a neck gaiter and a windproof hat. All which now make me incredibly warm and prepared for New England. Last summer, the Northern Tier had rain that lasted the first three states.

We spent the afternoon in orientation reviewing the trailer, life on the road, how to communicate to each other via Twitter, reading maps, and general bike maintenance. We learned more about each other as well – two teammates have MS. They are true heroes and superstars to fight this disease every day.

At orientation, we talked about which super power you would like to have, some of my favorites from the group – the ability to go back in time to your former self, stop time to sleep more, and control animals so they can fight each other.

Late in the afternoon, we biked up Cadillac Mountain at 1,500 ft. 4.7 miles from the base, one way. It took about 40 minutes to climb and 8 minutes to descend. It was a beautiful view.

Photos: orientation, group, route leaders, Cadillac Mountain, Zac’s first climb.

I am excited to start the summer season with a great group of people all raising funds and awareness for MS.









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