Game on

After coming down from Mt. Whitney, my face was wind and sun burnt. I went to the spa for a mostly all day affair of waxing, mani-pedi, and facial. I would have liked to do a full body scrub, gone to the dentist and stylist too but I ran out of time. I felt a full maintenance check was in order before the wedding but I hope I am presentable enough.

It’s been a long time since I have received a facial and perhaps it’s because my skin was sensitive from the mountain conditions but I felt my microderm treatment was like sandpaper scratching against my face, then followed by a vacuum cleaner sucking out the impurities. It was series of uncomfortable sensations but supposedly my skin is soft as a baby’s now. Twice, in my treatments, the woman assisting me said I should exfoliate more often. I said I would consider it as soon as I have the opportunity to shower regularly in the same place. I suppose I should/could exfoliate while on the road. The person helping me with my nails asked if I was a runner. I said, how nice, you think I’m a runner. No, I do not identify as a runner, but I just climbed a mountain. She said she only sees runners cut their toe nails as short as I do.

What I have learned in the last few days is wedding planning is probably not for me. Don’t be offended, should one day I decide to get married – you will only be receiving a postcard in the mail to announce my commitment to someone.

Off to the races.

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