On my way to Mt. Whitney

Thank you everyone for your generous support and encouragement as I make my way to Mt. Whitney. Today, with your help, I reached the fundraising goal of $4,000 to support Big City Mountaineers. Big City Mountaineers, transforms the lives of under-served urban youth through wilderness mentoring expeditions that instill critical life skills. They partner with community-based youth organizations and adult volunteers who act as mentors in the field to help young people realize their potential. The curriculum improves integrity, self esteem, responsibility, decision-making abilities and communication skills. I am very happy to help support this organization to provide opportunities for young people to experience the outdoors. Thank you sincerely for your contribution.

I am all packed up and ready to go. Shipped two boxes of bike gear and my bike to New York. Shipped the Bridesmaid dress and NYC stuff as well. Laptop and clothes are going back into storage today – not to be seen again for another 5 months until September.

I called the airline today to make sure it was ok to pack all my sharp objects in one bag. I’ve decided to add a kitchen knife to the pack today too, so I can use it over the summer cutting watermelon and oranges as we bike across the U.S. I really hope all the items make it to San Diego-LA-NYC.

My team will be using a satellite communication device on the climb. You can track our progress as we climb Mt. Whitney, click this link, find my name from the user list and you can follow us from Thursday-Sunday as we make our way to the summit. 


I’ll be sending tweets and FB messages along the route, probably can’t send blog updates since I can only send 160 characters when I am on the mountain.
You can message me too via the web link, send thoughts and notes of encouragement or comments.

I am excited for my first summit. Let’s go Mt. Whitney.

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