Don’t be evil

Sometimes I want to write about my experiences at the gym but I think they would only be appropriate on a Seinfeld episode.

Today, for example, a guy in the jacuzzi was reading a library book. Seriously, why would you even bring a library book on deck? It is likely to get wet. I hop in and out, no more than 10 minutes after cooling down from a pool workout. I wanted to say to him, you are not working hard enough or you shouldn’t be in the jacuzzi long enough to read a book. The book didn’t even look like short stories.

This weekend in both yoga and pilates, the loudest, most vocal exhaler was next to me. I wanted to move my mat but thought it would be rude. When the instructor says exhale, do you really need to exhale so loudly? I can exhale too but my neighbor on the next yoga mat doesn’t need to hear me.

I know I sound like a hater, so I will just take a deep breath and focus on my own behavior.

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