A walk in closet

San Francisco, is so familiar, like a second home, but not yet home. Probably because I have kept the storage unit. I have donated almost all my work clothes to charity, sold a few items, and reorganized the remaining boxes to fit in a potential studio/1 bedroom apartment. Really, all I need is a garage for gear or a large walk in closet. I’m not even sure about the kitchen things, bed, linens and pillows anymore. I suppose I’ll need them in 6 months. I have to grow up and find a home some day.

I am thankful San Francisco has been a good place for me to regroup and organize before I leave again. I have eaten amazing Mexican and Burmese food – even bad Mexican/Burmese is better than none. I am waiting until I get to NYC for good pizza and bagels. In my mind, I can taste it already. When I think of NYC, I also miss Cheesecake, the kind from Veniero’s, Junior’s or Ferrara’s.

Less than two weeks left in San Francisco. I’ve received an invitation from a friend to go to Hawaii, but that’s before Mt. Whitney – which means likely a disruption in training. I’m not sure if I should go. I can’t say I’m training yet, it’s more like training to train – building a base fitness. I’ve been to the gym almost every day, for 2-3 hours in a row, mostly attending group classes. I like Pilates, the best, although it is also the most challenging. Spin class feels like aerobics on a stationary bike, but helpful to work on form. Running on a treadmill makes me feel like a hamster or gerbil trapped in a cage, but again, good to watch yourself in a mirror to work on form. Shoulders back, relaxed, body not hunched over, arms swinging straight instead of out like chicken wings. You’d be surprised what you look like when you are tired.

15 fundraising days remain before I pledge the difference, please help support me in making my goal for Big City Mountaineers. Thank you for your generosity.
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