Camp indoors

You want to know what it is like to camp indoors – it’s taking your sleeping bag out and sleeping on top of the California King bed. My sublet has much to be desired, one of which is bedding. When I talked to the guy I was leasing from, he showed me the room empty. I said, there’s going to be a bed right? Yes, true to his word there is a bed but I thought a bed also meant it was going to arrive with sheets and blankets.

Option 1 – sleep in my sleeping bag for 3-4 weeks. Option 2 – rent a car to get the pillows and blankets in and out of storage. A rental would be $80, $160 if you count the second rental to put it back in to storage. Borrowing a friends car or asking for help would be an inconvenience since I would need help twice. Car shares require a $10/month fee, $30/admin fee, then probably some more things like gas, etc. I could also look into lyft, which is your average joe and jane, cutting into taxi services, driving you around town but I don’t know if they go across the Bay, where my storage is located. Also, I don’t have sheets for a king, so they will need to be bought or borrowed.

I think I will stay in the sleeping bag until the weekend to see how I feel about it. The bathroom is also not the cleanest. I think if I go to the gym every day, I will shower there. The facilities at the gym are 100% cleaner than at the sublet. You are expected to wear flip flops in the shower at the gym but not at home.

The apartment is like a guesthouse. People do live here and have lived here in the apt. for years but it is an odd arrangement considering the shared space.

Sometimes I think funny things happen to me just so I can share the story and add amusement to your day.

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