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Life is more challenging when using my storage unit as a closet. Fortunately I have found a sublet and will be in San Francisco for 3-4 weeks to run, bike, swim and hike. The sublet is in the Richmond neighborhood on California and 14th Avenue. It is shared with 4-5 people, 1.5 baths. I have 2 rooms and a closet. The Irish guy I am leasing from is going to Guatemala for the month. The kitchen and bathroom look not as clean as I would like but the best part about the apt. is the location. It is a few blocks from the Golden Gate Park, the Presidio, Ocean Beach and a straight shot across the bridge on bike to Marin.

No excuse for not getting my fitness up before Mt. Whitney. There are trails in every direction once I step out the door. So far, I have not trained yet, too busy trying to get ready for the months ahead.

I have the task of packing for 4 separate trips. When I leave San Francisco, I am leaving again for 6 months, leaving my storage unit behind. I am packing one bag for Mt. Whitney which includes some sunny clothing for southern California weather, winter mountaineering gear like thermals, ice axes and crampons. Then to New York with wedding attire – formal dresses and shoes. Afterward, camping and triathlon clothes (swim, bike, run) for two months from Maine-Seattle. Finally, some extra clothes for Vancouver and Whistler in August for Ironman Canada.

The past week in San Francisco, I have been busy reorienting myself to being in America. Oddly, I am thinking in the metric system. Someone said to me, it’s about 25-30 lbs. I looked dumbfounded and said to myself, how much is that? I had to use my converter app on my phone to convert from pounds into kilo’s. I also find myself using English phrases that I didn’t use previously in the States. I haven’t managed to go back to American English yet. For example, in restaurants abroad, you say, “can I have the bill?”, (bill is a common British term). I haven’t yet gone back to saying, “can I have the check?” Bill makes much more sense.

Photos: fortunate cookie – sharing my news – I am back!


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