Worlds away

Photos in Hong Kong:

Parking lot sign tells you which parking spaces are available and the spaces light up from green to red when occupied.

Shroff – a new word for me, is bank or teller, the place where you pay for your parking.

Mid level travelator sign… (moving walkways)

The no eating sign on the subway looks like a McDonald’s big mac.

Each place I visit in Asia is different and special. Yesterday, I was sitting at the dining table holding my friend’s not yet 1 year old baby while playing Monopoly Junior with her 7 year old son. He said it was going to be a short game. Growing up, I have never known Monopoly to be a short game.

It is 60 degrees F, 15C, worlds away from the beaches of Bali. I have needed to wear jeans, a jacket and socks for the first time in several months. I miss the beach and now realize, I could be that person who lives in a bikini and on the beach for 6 months of the year. I feel in shock that I will be back in San Francisco in a few days.

It has been an extraordinary 6 months in Asia: Reaching the peaks of the Himalayas in Nepal, witnessing a country – Myanmar, on the brink of transformation and social change, learning the healing traditional arts of Thai massage in Thailand, learning to find peace from within through Vipassana meditation in the Philippines, and learning to scuba dive in Bali, Indonesia.

I have loved each and every day. I return to the States with an ambitious plan for the next few months, summoning all the physical and mental courage I have to summit my first mountain, cycle across the US again on the way to being an Ironman finisher.

Thank you for following my adventures, keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I have never once felt alone traveling (except at the silent meditation) because I know you are reading and with me every day of my journey. Thank you. See you soon, back on the other side of the world.






  1. Hi Liane, I’m sure I speak for many others. I have enjoyed and look forward to reading many more postings. Do keep me posted prior to your cross of nothern Ohio. Idea, you may want to contact Julie Wolfe and ask about her husbands many Ironman races. Julie now lives on the west coast, moved from Ohio and still works for MH. Safe travels


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