Trench coat and shoes

I have been very successful at not buying things these last few months unless they were practical, replacing an item due to wear and tear. It always comes down to, you are carrying your house, do you really want to add to the weight. Most of the time, the answer is fairly clear. I regret the purchase of those shoes in Singapore. I love them but have only worn them on a few occasions. They don’t translate to practical and I have carried them for the last two months, 4 countries.

Shopping in Asia is generally a unpleasant experience. Most the time, I have the feeling of being swindled. Bartering, I never know what is a reasonable price for the item in question. One wants to get to a price point where both parties find it favorable and acceptable.

Indonesia is my last stop in Asia, so I bought a few gifts today but already resent the weight. I hope to continue this sentiment and maybe try very hard to not spend much when I am back. I am not going to the extreme of saying I won’t shop anymore but I hope I can continue the sentiment of only buying if it is to replace something. The Singapore shoes will always be a reminder of excess vs. need.

When I return to my storage unit next week, I look forward to purging it’s contents a bit further. I can finally with absolute confidence give away that trench coat.

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  1. Liane! Are you really coming back next week?? If you want to get rid of work clothes, I’ve been needing some! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Asia. Can’t wait to hear more about your journeys! Mijin

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