A Canadian woman said to me, “I have dived all over the world, but entering the waters off the resort, I instantly saw fish I had never seen before.” Encouraging words for a beginner. I miss the quietness of the ocean already.

On the drive to Ubud, I saw a woman while on a motorbike, (as the passenger) balance a tray of items on her head. I saw a man on another motorbike, (as the driver) hold the handle with his right hand and in his left, he held a live chicken upside down by it’s feet. I shared my surprise with the driver and his expression in his eyes, was like, what’s so special about that?

Both locals and tourists recommend I visit Ubud. Upon arrival, I am overwhelmed by the large number of tourists and signs stating – organic, natural, meditation, healing spa, yoga. You can make your own judgment and conclusions based on those words about the type of tourists Ubud attracts.

Bali is definitely not Indonesia. The entire island is an oasis for tourists. This island is a little pricey by my budget standards and I think Bali is a good place for couples. The Balinese women are the most beautiful women I have encountered in South East Asia.

In the evening, I attended a “kecak” traditional dance. The first half was pretty cool. There were 60 men seated on the floor using their voices and bodies like an orchestra. It was a complex melody, a cross between acapella and chanting. The men were all different ages – some young, some old and all different body types, sitting on the floor shirtless chanting. The dancers accompanied the chanting by telling a story through eye movements and hand gestures around a fire.

After the dance was a true fire dance. I wasn’t expecting the barefoot dancer to literally walk through the pit of fire, kicking the ash among the audience. After the show, the dancer sat on the ground and prayed. I would be thanking some God too if I had to dance through fire for 20 minutes. People gave him tips as he sat there and I was wondering if the tips were a good thing. Should we be encouraging this form of livelihood?

Today, a tour to the surrounding villages and temples around Ubud – (I dislike tours but I need the transportation help), then I will go somewhere else without so many tourists. I am thinking southeast to a small island/beach.


  1. if you go a bit further into Ubud, there are a lot of really beautiful, quiet areas. lush rice fields, farms, kids taking music lesson — i wish i knew how to guide you to these places!


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