First dive

I am in an amazing place but in reality the simple things are what makes the day so special. In 5 months, it is the first time I have not needed to wear my flip-flops into the shower for fear of bacteria. It is the first time in a long time, showering with hot water. I love that the bathroom has toilet paper and hand soap. I sleep on a real bed with real sheets and a duvet cover. I do not need to wear ear plugs to sleep but instead I take in the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. I am in bliss, not even ready to experience the beach chair that sits outside my door on the private deck. I have been to many resorts in my previous life but never fully enjoyed them because I felt like I was working all the time at the resort. Here, these few days, now I know why people go to resorts. I love how the staff know me after one day and they remember I am vegetarian without asking. My German dive instructor is amazing, patient and funny. He also happens to be the General Manager, taking time out of his busy day to give me private lessons.

Today, after a few more skills in the pool, we walked out into the ocean. I was hoping to see a shark. We didn’t see one but incredible coral and fish. It was like I was in an aquarium. Beautiful, new, dark, and different sensations. It is quiet, observing the fish in their natural environment, only hearing the sound of my breathing rhythm. I saw schools of fish, Nemo and friends, a starfish, and countless other marine life. I also saw fish eating other fish and coral which was kind of strange. I know fish eat, but I’ve never seen it outside of a fish tank.

Photos: drive to resort (rice paddies and driving past a car transporting livestock), and the resort.







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