Manilla – arrived

Arrived to my guest accommodation at 3 am local time, slept in and spent the next day on the computer researching what to do with myself for the next 3 days. It’s the first time I have arrived to a foreign country with no itinerary, no map, no travel guide book, no plan. Manilla isn’t a very nice city so I didn’t feel bad spending the entire day inside.

My flight landed at 11 pm, but due to poor timing, from Clark airport (further than Manilla airport), I took a jeepney (that’s a taxi) – looks like a limo style hummer, you climb into the back and wait for others before they leave. Jeepney took me to Dau terminal (bus terminal), where I took a 1+ hour bus to Manilla. Then a short taxi ride to the hostel. Fortuntely, I met a couple, on the jeepney who spoke Tagalog or Filipino so I didn’t have to think much at this hour, just follow.

I booked a ticket for tomorrow morning to the island of Palawan – Puerto Princesa – to lie on the beach for a few days. The Philippines are composed of many islands, all surprisingly large. Lots to do here, from volcanoes to beaches. Scuba diving is great but transportation is a pain. You need to fly everywhere. Surprised there are not more ferries. Visa is valid for 21 days.

Photos: last day class photo and my roommate/classmate for the month at the Bangkok airport – flying out.



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