Lessons learned by the washing machine

One would think I would have learned from the last time I turned my clothes purple in the wash, not to mix whites and colors… Last minute, I decided to throw my white converse shoes into the colored wash. Enclosed is a picture of my now pinkish-purple shoes. My classmate later said, not only was that a bad idea to mix the colors but I probably should not have put the shoes in the wash in the first place. In hindsight, it was a bad idea. Noted.

Other news – we all passed our exams, both the massage exam with clients and the written exam. Hooray.

I don’t know yet what I will do with these new skills of Thai massage. I will need to practice much more to be proficient. Friends – if you would like to be a model for me to practice, let me know. Initially, I hope to barter – I would like to learn to play the guitar- in exchange for massages. I like the idea of a guitar because you can take it with you everywhere.

Tomorrow, I have a very late evening, flight to the Philippines. I would have liked to spend a few days in southern Thailand on the beach, but my visa has already expired. Upon arrival, I received 30 days… To extend the visa, I would have needed to miss class, and paid $64 USD for only a 7 day extension beginning on the day at the immigration center (not a future date). Otherwise, upon exit you pay $17 USD for each day over. You may get a 30 day visa extension if you arrived by plane with a proper Thai stamped visa from your home country. The other option is to cross a border and you get a 15 day visa.

I am not yet looking forward to the next, probably life changing experience. I am a little fearful of the meditation retreat. Fearful of the time spent in silence and what may come of it.

In the upcoming meditation retreat, I hope to challenge my assumptions, goals and perceived future plans. Hopefully it may result in the courage to act on the outcome, which may lead to a reinvention of life’s goals and a new method by which they can be achieved. But, all these goals may be a stretch – I would settle for making it through the first few days. I go dark in t-minus, 5 days. The retreat is February 5-15.





  1. Congratulations Liane! When you’re in Philly I know two people who will volunteer for you to practice…perhaps for a place to stay…


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