Could you live on $500?

I had dinner with a local today and he told me a college graduate, straight out of 4 year university, entry level salary is 15,000 baht, $500 USD or $377 euros per month, multiplied by 12 for one year = 180,000 baht, $6,000 USD or $4,500 euros. Is that possible? In the US, $500 month would be poverty level and eligible for social services. How can an average monthly salary in Thailand be equal to poverty in the U.S? It is easy now to understand why anyone would want to immigrate to a first world country for a better standard of living. I don’t know if I could be so brave as to leave a family behind or everything familiar in order to learn a new language, customs and culture. Anyone who learns English is really taking a step in saying I want a better life. Every day I feel more privileged when faced with these stark realities. How can we address these inequalities? Clean water, fresh vegetables, and equality should be a basic human right.

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