Ancient Healing Touch – Thai massage

Thai people are unbelievably generous. Classmates and teachers regularly bring us treats and snacks. Instead of buying for an individual like we do in the West, they buy for everyone to share. It’s a different mentality and very kind. If I were going to the store, I would ask if anyone needs anything, but a Thai person would say they are going to the store and come back with fruit for everyone. They don’t expect anything in return or expect you to get next, it’s just the way things are done.

Today we learned about energy lines, herbal compressions, and the history of Thai medicine. The ten principal energy lines are used as a way to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body, dissolving blockages. As an example, sometimes, you sleep on a pillow that is too high and wake up with a stiff neck/shoulder. The energy lines (same as Chinese acupuncture) use the four elements in the body: wind, water, earth, and fire to help balance and transmit energy throughout the body.

The definition of the Traditional Thai Massage (TTM) is a deep tissue acupressure massage in which the masseur uses her thumbs, palms, elbows, feet and knees in a rhythmic motion stretching the muscles of the body, releasing tension and increasing flexibility of the joints. The massage is given while fully clothed on a firm mat where you are massaged on your back, your sides, stomach and in a sitting position.

Photo: at Tesco (the equivalent of Wal-mart), they have aerobics every day. As far as I can tell, this happens at every Tesco. Could you imagine if at 6 pm, every Wal-mart across the country had aerobics class in their parking lot? Maybe we all would be healthier?


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