Visual learners

Saturday, we had our second test, another round with clients. Each client had a scenario of a headache, lower back pain, arm pain or leg stiffness and we were required to treat with the new techniques taught this past week.

On exam day, I was very nervous. I was in a sorry state, I made 4 trips to the bathroom in the 30 minutes before the exam and I was sweating so profusely during the 60 minute massage, it looked as if I had gone running.

If I had graded myself, I would have failed. However, since I didn’t grade myself, I passed with comments to not be nervous next time. Being nervous made me feel overwhelmed, forget steps and make careless mistakes on basic movements.

I am not sure how to not be nervous. We have ten days to go before our final exam and I plan to practice, practice, practice.

I also discovered that I am a visual learner. Maybe I have always known but it became apparent in our practice sessions. When learning the new techniques, I remembered them best when associated with images (samurai, jellyfish, pretzel). Some people learn by writing, reading, for me, pictures or hands on practice are the best methods.

I wish I could have discovered that I was a visual learner when I was younger. It would have created less anguish when I could not master a subject. It was not because I was incomponent or just didn’t get it, the material was not presented in a manner I could understand. I think our public education system is failing and we need better educators, those brave enough to teach differently.

Photos: group dinner post exam… Spinach lasagna and cheesecake. The owner of the restaurant is from Italy.


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