It is hot, humid and sticky in Bangkok. The weather feels like 90 degrees with 66% humidity as I go to bed tonight. I have loved taking Nquil because it means I can sleep through the rooster crowing in the morning.

I have read about the recent weather in the States, plowing, snow tires, etc. I miss snow but not that much. I think the perfect weather is 10-20 degrees C or 50-60 F. A perfect day for a ride or run.

Tonight, my French classmates gave us a viewing, their first public presentation of their documentary on the situation of the mangrove trees in Indonesia. It was moving, heartfelt and gave me hope and inspiration for the Indonesian people. I hope the film helps invoke a sense of urgency in the community to repair the damage done to the environment while reinvesting in their people/land. If you know individuals in the film industry, please message me. I would like to help pass along their documentary to gain a wider audience. It really is spectacular.

Each of my classmates has so many gifts to share. I think about myself and wonder what skills, gifts or talents do I have to give? Can I be an inspiration to others? What can I share with them and this world?


  1. Hi Liane,

    I am not sure if you ever have a chance to read any of the responses, as you are always on the go!  If you do, let me first thank you for the holiday/post card.  It was very thoughtful and appreciated, especially  given your time contraints.  Joan and I would have sent you a Holiday card, as we have done in the past, but I’m not sure add ressing it, ” Liane Lau – Somewhere on Planet Earth” would have worked…although it should! 

    As for your questioning what “gift” you have to offer, to share, to give others…   With all of your world-wide travels and travails,  adventures and misadventures, meditations, growth experiences, challenges…on and on.  The answer is easy.  The  greatest gift you can give others is YOU! 




  2. Hi Liane,
    Was very nice to catch up your trip since we met in a bus heading to Melaka terminal. Your massage learning life sounds tough but somehow makes me want to give it a go. And I count it as an inspiration 🙂 Take care lah.


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