Monkey time

I did some research to translate our morning prayer and it changed my outlook on this practice. Thai massage originates from the temple. Only in recent years has it become commercialized and you can receive a Thai massage outside of the temple, but that type of massage is considered mechanical and not for health benefits. The Thai massage originated to be a spiritual healing of the body, working on energy lines to release toxins.

The translation of the prayers are:

Prayer to the Buddha
1. The Buddha is the blessed one, the all enlightened one. The Holy one. I pay homage to the Buddha.
2. The teachings of the Buddha. I pay homage to Dhamma.
3. Noble Disciplines of Buddha, I pay homage to Sangha.

*(Dhamma are the teachings of Buddha and Sangha are the disciplines of Buddha).

Prayer to the father of medicine/founder of Thai massage

Honor to him, the Blessed one, the worthy one, the fully enlightened one.

Please bring us knowledge of all nature, that this prayer will show us the true medicine of the universe. In the name of this mantra, we respect your help and pray that through our bodies you will bring wholeness and health to the body of the one whom we touch.

We pray for the one whom we touch, that illness will be released and happiness will follow.

1 minute silent reflection/meditation before you begin the massage.

Pictures: classmates being monkeys during break and an interesting diagram on how to pray (line one position for man, line two position for woman).




  1. This is a very nice prayer. Well Done. Received your post card, what a treat to start the new year. Temps here today are in the 60’s, will move back down as we start a new week into the 30’s. Life is Good, Don


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