Hair cut in Thailand

It was eight countries ago when I had my last hair cut so I figured it was time for another. I went to a salon today where the conversation went something like, “do what you think is best.” Getting a haircut in any language is always a test in my communication ability and faith. I like to think stylists know what is best for their clients.

Four hours later, with significantly less cash than when I walked in, I now have waves and a lighter color. She said it is best to build off your natural wavy hair than go permanent straight. The color will soften your look to match your skin tone better.

Other thoughts:

I have recently begun to wonder if being a vegetarian is elitist. In these countries I have visited, with histories of war, famine and hunger, in choosing to not eat animals, is it a good, honest, fair practice? When it is difficult to find meat, why would someone choose voluntarily to live like a peasant? When eating meat is a gift, is it right to say no? I have been a vegetarian since I was young, it is a process I have not wanted to participate in. Now, I wonder if it’s the right thing to do. I am not stopping my practice but have started to question the implications of my choice in this part of the world.

Photo – standing in the hallway of our residential hall, my new hair.




  1. The new hair looks good on you!

    Being vegetarian in Asia is not elitist so much as how people perceive the choice itself. Unless you are Buddhist or have a medical issue, then the general reaction would be “Why?” Though I never understood why people are given a much wider berth if their choices stem from religion. Thinking freely and making personal choices is not elitism; it’s being human. Intolerance and a delusion of grandeur would be the real problem. The fact that you are questioning your choices is proof in itself that you are doing just fine =)


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