Day 2 – ugh

Often times I wonder why do I do this to myself, why do I sign up for the most extraordinary hardest thing I can do? This Thai massage class is one of those things. After two days of practice, I am lying in bed at 10 pm pained, sore and bruised. All in good health mind you. I thought getting a massage over the course of the month would be fun, but it is very demanding on the muscles and is hard work, both for the client and practitioner. I also find myself to be behind the others. Those with occupations in related fields already know the muscle groups.

Today after class, we had stretching and aerobics for 45 minutes. Then to loosen up, I decided to bike to the store for peanut butter, approximately 12k or 8 miles round trip. I had to bike 8 miles for peanut butter!

I am exhausted. Tomorrow I am going to the weekend market in Bangkok to buy clothes for class. We didn’t get uniforms and I need loose fitting clothes as if I were planning on doing hot yoga every day, all day. It feels like hot yoga, because I am exerting a lot of energy when giving a massage. I am not sure yet how to control my body temperature but our very skilled teachers don’t break a sweat but they also complain that the room is cold while I am trying to not look so pathetic fanning myself with my booklet.

One Comment

  1. Just a quick tought after reading this one….you have no reason to worry about being behind. You started out the bike ride across America with little preparation/knowledge/practice and you ended a champ! Remember, you are the gal who did not even know how to shift into a different chainring until halfway through the trip. You are amazing…miss ya!


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