Bye Singapore, it’s been lovely.

Possibly the only free attraction in Singapore is the Botanical Gardens. A very beautiful place with a Victorian bandstand, rainforest, special exhibit on orchids and a permanent exhibit showcasing regional medicinal plants for healing.

Pictures: Metro sign (notice the fines), Orchids

Arrived to Bangkok this evening for my massage class, beginning Jan. 1. I have now flown into Bangkok twice, once from Vietnam and now Singapore and flown out twice, to Myanmar and Cambodia. Bangkok is starting to feel familiar, almost to the point of not needing a map.

At the end of 2012, my grand total of countries visited is 21. Only 172 more to go (count by UN standards, but may be more depending on how you count.) Happy new year! Welcome 2013. Ready. Let’s go.




    1. Ha ha. A durian is a very smelly fruit. Seriously, makes you have a gag reflex. I honestly don’t know how anyone can go near it, let alone eat it. When you have this reflex, you’ll know you’ve come across a durian.

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