Yangon, Myanmar

This morning, I saw monks call to alms. They happened to walk past my guesthouse. Each monk carried a monk bowl and a woman standing beside the road scooped them a bowl of rice each. I wonder how many other people feed them and what they feed them. Are the donations rice only?

Later in the day, a younger monk came up to my new travel friend and asked for a donation of money. I was surprised but maybe they need money and that’s how it works.

Speaking of money, I was successful in my exchange today. I found outgoing tourists who were willingly to help me by changing my “old” dollars for new crisp dollars and kyat (local currency). I also found an ATM that accepted my international card. The local bank surcharge was $5. I now have plenty of Kyat and new dollars for exchange.

Pictures: local bus, monks, nuns, market and mail at our hostel.







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