Hitch hiking in Chiang Mai

What is the definition of hitch hiking?
I did not ask for a ride but was offered one and accepted. It was my first time on a scooter or any form of a motorcycle.

Today I visited the last temples on my suggested Thailand guidebook itinerary. Then went to the zoo/aquarium for a change of pace and ended the day at a nearby (off the beaten track) forest temple with tunnels.

It was at the end of the day, where I asked a girl for directions back to the main road so I could find a truck/taxi. The taxi service in Chiang Mai is funny. You wave down a red truck and tell them where you are going, negotiate the rate and they bring you to your destination.

I started walking in the direction of the main road and the girl pulled up beside me and said she was going in the same direction and offered a ride. It was very nice of her. She is originally from Japan but has been living in Thailand for the last ten years. I thought it best not to tell her, it was my first time on a scooter. No seat belts, no helmets, just zipping aside and in between traffic. It was surprisingly, an efficient means of transportation.

Pictures: lanterns in celebration of the kings birthday, 3 kings monument, monk bowls for morning alms/prayers, temple pictures, a parked red truck/taxi, zoo and scooter ride.

Side notes: I decided against the monk chat, when I arrived, it seemed like an intrusion and invasion of their time and space. Also decided against the tiger petting. I don’t want to contribute to tigers locked in cages for the benefit of tourism. The rock climbing is booked for the week. 20121206-221645.jpg20121206-221624.jpg20121206-221634.jpg20121206-221851.jpg20121206-221842.jpg







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