Cruising the ruins

Luckily, I do not fear death. Today, I was brave and rented a bicycle (cruiser with a basket and a bell) to travel around the ruins and temples. Not only did the bike not come with a helmet or flat tire repair kit, but the brakes worked moderately at best. To top it off, in Thailand everyone drives on the left. I only was beeped at a few times when I had trouble navigating which side of the road to be on, but I made it thru the day even though I had to be on the shoulder of major highways, bridges and intersections. Fortunately this summer’s bike experience made me feel confidant I would not die today. I even took pictures and read my map while cycling. Yea, multitasking.

Today, I visited a floating village, the ruins, temples and saw many Buddha statues. Tomorrow a 6 hour bus ride north to continue on my Thailand temple tour.

Pictures: Thai children in traditional outfits, waving happily to their parents. A local snack, roti rolled up in sugar with coconut shavings. Temples and ruins. Gangham style t-shirts – I so want to buy this for everyone back home. Snowpeople – might be the closest thing to a Snowpeople I will see this winter.







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