Bangkok rail station

Yesterday while taking a shower I saw the largest roach I have ever seen. I am not even sure it was a roach because of the size, maybe a water bug related to the roach. It was about 3 inches. I definitely was not going to go near it but I wondered how one would kill it. Do people step on it or spray it?

In the morning I went to the weekend market. It is one of the largest markets in the world. You can buy almost anything. I would have loved to buy a new wardrobe, but the downside to backpacking is you have to carry all your own stuff everywhere. My pack is about 30 lbs and I can’t buy anything unless it is to replace something. I would consider detouring back to Bangkok before a flight home to shop. It was that amazing.

After the market I took the metro to the bangkok rail station to go north to Ayutthaya, an ancient city of ruins and temples. At the window, I asked to purchase a ticket for the next train and I was given a “standing” ticket for 15 baht. 15 baht is about 50 cents, the price of a large water.

On the train, I realized why it was 15 baht. I was in the locals car. There is nothing wrong with traveling like a local, it just means there are no other foreigners for me to talk with and the seats are hard without cushions and there are only fans that may or may not work. Luckily, it was a 2 hour ride so it was not that bad.

When I arrived in the town, I found the guesthouse recommended in my guidebook. It is nice to not have reservations, deciding in the moment where to travel and stay.

The guest house is a great relaxing space and I get my own private room with a fan ($9). I was too cheap to spend the money on air con ($19). I can now stay two nights since I did not choose the room with air con. Some say that you grow out of budget travel with age or income. Hasn’t happened to me yet and I prefer this type of independent travel – its adventurous to find your own way.

Pictures: metro sign, Bangkok rail station, long distance train, breakfast and the guest house. p










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