Mekong River boat ride

I am pretty sure I could have built the boat we took this morning. It was held together by wood, nails, and screws. I only would have needed help installing the motor.

The boat ride was nice. Lush, green scenery all around. The earliest found drawing of the Buddha statues in the cave were from 1865 by a Frenchman, but it could have existed prior to that date.

Pictures: my brother and I on the boat, banana leaf tree, Buddha statues, noodle soup for lunch, a tuk-tuk in this region and a moto making coconut delivery.

Had I known this afternoon’s bus ride was only going to consist of all turns along the mountains, I might have opted to take some motion sickness medicine prior to the ride. It felt like a roller-coaster ride for 5 hours, one girl already threw up in the car. I was wearing a seat belt and holding the handle for a few hours.

The driver is the most talented driver I have ever seen. He is able to overtake many other drivers on a single lane in the dark and he hardly slows down when in the dense fog. Not sure if I should be impressed or afraid but for now, I am impressed.

We made it to Vang Vieng and I hope to spend the remainder of the evening and maybe tomorrow not moving.












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