On to Laos

We left Cambodia by air to Laos because the bus would have taken 24 hours. I am surprised by the level of corruption and deceit in this part of Asia. Maybe I am just naive. When purchasing the flight we almost bought tickets on a fake Lao airlines website. One web address had a dash and the other did not. They advertised the same flights but one site was slightly cheaper. We did not make the mistake of buying on the fake website because for some reason before checking out, I stopped and said this doesn’t look correct.

Upon flying, our small plane had to stop by Pakse to refuel, then we continued on our way. My brother says we flew a propeller plane but I think it was safe.

When we arrived in Luang Prabang, we went through customs to purchase Laos visa. We paid in Thai Baht instead of dollars and I am sad to say we were overcharged $10 each. I didn’t catch it at the time because I did not do the money conversion at purchase. It makes me angry and sad that people (in this case, a government official, customs agent) profited. Lesson learned. Be careful at all border crossings by air or land.






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