Walking across Cambodian border

My first border crossing by foot made me lose a little faith in humanity. After a 4.5 hour bus ride from Bangkok to the border, we depart to be greeted by con artists selling Cambodian visas. They had an official looking office at the bus depot and the police do not stop them from selling. It is disheartening to have people purposefully benefit by tricking you. We didn’t fall victim to the scam, because upon quoting the visa price we recognized the situation and left. A short go cart ride to the border, presented the valid passport process. After the visa, we meet further shady characters who we needed to do business with to get to Siem Reap. The transportation prices are inflated by 250% compared to locals but there is no other option, we are in the middle of nowhere with few options. We shared a taxi with two others to Siem Reap (another 2 hours). It took the entire day to arrive at our next destination. Flying would have cost $200, the bus cost the price of dinner, the taxi about $12. I am glad to have experienced my first border crossing by foot however, I am not sure I would do it again.

Arriving in Cambodia is interesting, everything is quoted in American dollars, as the currency of choice and you can pay in it. There are also stars in the sky in Cambodia, haven’t seen those in Asia yet.

Photos – go kart vehicle, exiting Thai border, walk across the border and entering Cambodia.

The extraordinary, Angkor Wat, 8th wonder of the world tomorrow. By the way, the required dress for women to enter a temple is to have knees and shoulders covered. They rent you clothes if you are improperly dressed.





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