Hoi An

Yesterday I was sitting at the backpackers hostel waiting for the rain to stop and a older white male sat down next to me with a beer. He said, “do you live here?”. I responded curtly, “if you are asking if I am local, no. I am just passing through.”. I probably did not need to be rude in my reply, but I was not interested in starting such a conversation.

Today’s bus ride reminded me of US Chinatown buses. We drove around Hue for an hour to fill up the bus, then on our way, single lane slow driving to Hoi An. I wondered if the bus driver was intentionally driving slow to save gas. Of course, the air conditioning was not working so it was a rather painful bus ride, especially sitting next to a gentleman who did not quite fit in his seat. Departing the bus, I met a French girl from Montreal. We found a hostel together for the next two days. I love traveling by myself because it forces you to be more outgoing and you meet many more people than if you were traveling with friends.

Hoi An is a very popular tourist location with beaches and tailors. I am considering buying a tailored coat or silk dresses but I honestly can’t remember what I own in my closet. When was the last time I wore something that was not quick drying?







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