Ugh missed flight again

I own a watch but apparently, time is no longer a concern. I’ll be on time when it concerns others, but if it’s just me, apparently it doesn’t matter that much.

Today was the second international flight I missed. In October, when leaving San Francisco, I missed my flight to Nepal. I arrived at the wrong time, completely unaware my flight was listed in military time. I was rebooked on a flight leaving at the time I thought was my original flight time so it was not too much of an inconvenience for me.

I made my departing Nepal flight to Hong Kong only because someone drove me and pre-arranged the car meeting time.

I missed my flight today to Vietnam, not for any good reason. I was late. I arrived 60 minutes before departure
and they had already closed check in. They said I should have arrived at a minimum of 90 minutes prior to departure. I was a bit sad but not overwhelmed at my options. I thought 60 minutes was adequate because last time I flew from Hong Kong to Nepal, I had plenty of time. Maybe all airlines have different cut off times.

Back to the airport tomorrow, same flight time, just 90 minutes earlier. Maybe the new me, the one who is no longer concerned with time, will always be a day later than expected.

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