Macau is a hybrid of Portuguese rule with a Chinese twist. The colonial architecture was nice and the new casinos made it feel a little like Vegas, but all the tourists are from mainland China.

Wing Li and I visited St. Paulo’s cathedral (from 16th century).
We had lunch at the Venetian Hotel in a Portuguese restaurant. At the Venetian we passed a Victoria Secret’s display of Heidi Klum’s wings. In the square, we passed a woman in a wedding dress and I loved that she was wearing black high tops under the dress.

Evening – reunion with Cheline and Rishi at Happy Valley race course. My first night at the races. 20121107-224307.jpg20121107-224316.jpgled 20121107-224352.jpg20121107-224338.jpg</20121107-224359.jpg</a20121107-224324.jpg20121107-224346.jpg20121107-224407.jpg20121107-224422.jpg20121107-224413.jpg

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