Zop Kyo (yak-cows)

Some people spend their ruppees buying gifts and souvenirs, I pay for wi-fi.

We flew from Kathmandu to Lukla in a Twin Otter plane on Tara airlines (27 minute flight). Lukla is the beginning of our hike. Lukla was the shortest runway I have ever seen. Landing requires skill as you enter from a cliff, land uphill and if you don’t stop in time, you slam into a rock wall.

For 14 trekkers, we have 23 porters and guides. They carry in everything we need for our hike. Kitchen utensils, cooking tools, pots, pans, food, tents, sleeping pads. It is a very plush experience. I am definitely not roughing it. I feel well cared for. We share the trail with yaks, yak-cow mix (zop kyo), mules, and other animals. The guides make sure we are safe at all times.

There are 2-3 men who are yak-cow drivers. The yak-cows mostly carry our duffle bags and tents. We also have a chef and an assistant chef. They make the most amazing meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am eating better on this trip than I have ever eaten on any of my travels. I also have enjoyed Nepalese food because they have many vegetarian options.

Lots of photos to come, when there is stronger wi-fi available.








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