Streets of Thamel

I left San Francisco on Sunday. Arrived in Hong Kong Monday night. Flight via Dhaka, Bangladesh… then arrived in Kathmandu Tuesday at midnight. Wednesday and Thursday felt like a cloudy daze. I spent today wandering around Thamel, mostly shopping for last minute trek items. It isn’t true that you can buy everything you need for your trek in Thamel. It feels like a sample sale. If you are a large male you are in luck. Socks, gaiters, hats – one size fits all. Most everything is 50% less than U.S. prices but the quality is to be desired. I am glad I brought all necessary items from home. I did buy a down -5 degree sleeping bag and fleece liner for $67 and hope the warmth rating holds true.

Thamel is a chaotic intense city. Very dusty, dirty, and densely populated. Enclosed are a few photos. One photo is dinner by candlelight due to the power outage. Momo’s are Nepalese dumplings, not that exciting in my opinion. I’d rather have Polish perogies.





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